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For Immediate Release:  September 15, 2014, Dixon, California- Lauren McLachlan, Lecture Series Chair

Author T.E. Watson to present Lecture at Dixon Scottish Games

Dixon Scottish Cultural Association is pleased to announce the inclusion of Lecture & Book Signing by T. E. Watson, FSA, Scot at this year's event on Saturday, 27 September 2014, Dixon May Fair.  "Scotland -- A Writer's Dream" Join us at 1pm and 3:15 pm in the Vendor Hall.

 Where did the inspiration come from? "Glen Robbie" was written on the Isle of Skye; "The Man Who Spoke with Cats" was written in Dumphries & Galloway;  "Jeremiah Dragonfly’s Special Day" was written in the Scottish Borders. 

 "The Man Who Spoke With Cats was presented the prestigious Best Children's Book of the year for 2009, by the American Authors Association, who also named T.E.Watson Best Author of 2009"

 Award-winning, internationally known, children's book author, speaker, writer and presenter T.E. Watson specializes in awakening imagination in children. His school visits engage kids, ages 5 and up, with interactive wordplay, games, activities, and inspiring writing exercises. Teachers, principals, librarians, and parents are amazed at the level of attention and transformation the students experience. Children who didn't like reading or writing suddenly take pencil to paper and don't want to stop. T.E. Watson IS "The Imaginician." (Combining Imagination, Magician and Technician) 

 Aspiring writers who attend the lecture may bring one sample of writing, 6 pages maximum, for T. E. Watson to review and discuss for 5 minutes.  He can be contacted for more information at



For Immediate Release:  August 1, 2014, Dixon, California- Philip Venable, Publicity 

The Scots will be invading the Dixon Fairgrounds on Sept 27, 2014.  The Dixon Scottish Games and Gathering run from 9 am to 5 pm.  Admission is $10 for General Admission, $8 for children 9-17, and seniors 62 and older.  Children under 9 and active military, with ID, are free.  The Games feature a slice of Scottish life for guests to learn about, and sample.  Vendors selling Scottish foods, drink, and goods, will be on hand.  Athletes will compete in traditional Scottish sporting events, including Shinty and Rugby.  Dancers, pipers, and pipe bands will play and perform to traditional Scottish tunes.  And the clans will be present to help you find your inner Scot.

After the Games we have a traditional Celtic party, known as a Ceilidh.  Admission to the Ceilidh is free, and a BBQ dinner is $12.  The Ceilidh features song, poetry, music, and dance, performed by some of the featured artists, dance groups, and audience members.  

Among our musical performers will be The Black Eyed Dempseys, who blend traditional Celtic playing skills with rock 'n' roll hooks; Avalon Rising, an Oakland based band who combines rock, Celtic, and Medieval melodies to create a unique sound; and Flask, a Mendocino based band playing more traditional songs.  Pipe Bands include the City of Sacramento Pipe Band, the Prince Charles Pipe Band, Stuart Highlanders, Ripon Police and Fire Pipe Band, and the Fairfield High School Scarlet Brigade Pipe Band.

Lauren Boyd McLachlan, President of the House of Boyd, President of the Scottish Information Society, Past President of the Marin County Genealogical Society, Co– Administrator of the Scottish DNA Project and Genealogist Emeritus for Clan Stewart Society in America, will give an interactive lecture about Scottish Genealogy.

The Dixon Games and Gathering have been held since 2001 at the Dixon Fairgrounds.  The original Games date back to around 1100 AD when King Malcolm of Scotland devised a competition to find the most fit of his soldiers to deliver messages across Scotland.

The Dixon Fairgrounds are located on Hwy 113 (First St), about a half mile south of A St, in Dixon, Ca.  The Games are hosted by the Dixon Scottish Cultural Association, a non-profit (501c3) organization, dedicated to the education, and celebration, of Scottish culture.  The DSCA is open to anyone who wants to join.  They meet on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at the Dixon Vet's Hall, 1301 N. First St, Dixon.  Meetings run from 7-9 pm.  Membership dues are $25 for a Family membership.

For more information:

For Immediate Release:  March 27th, 2014, Dixon, California

Volunteers needed for DCSA Highland Games - September 27th  

March 27th, 2014  2:34pm  Andee Thorpe, Volunteer Coordinator
The Dixon Scottish Cultural Association is in need of volunteers to help run the Highland Games on September 27. Those who are able to volunteer their time for a minimum of four hours will also be granted free access into the event for the rest of the day or before their shift.

Positions to fill include:

Children’s Glen. This is a non-cash-handling position. Volunteers at the Children’s Glen will work with children on the arranged activities.

Facilities & Maintenance. Possible cash-handling position. Run errands and messages as needed.. Ensure cleanliness and stock of restrooms and trash bins.

Front Gate. This is a non-cash-handling position. Tickets will be collected from patrons once inside the gate. Ticket takers will also administer return hand stamps.

Program, Shirt & Céilidh Sales. This is a cash-handling position. Sell programs, event shirts and tickets to the céilidh dinner at a designated booth. May also be required to provide directions and information regarding the event.

Race Competition Coordination. This is a non-cash-handling position. The day’s activities will include a one-mile race for all ages and a shorter race for children. Work with lead coordinator to maintain safety and directional guidance during the races.

Roaming Program Sales & Surveys. This is a cash-handling position. Programs will be sold at a table inside the gate as well as on foot throughout the event. IN addition, this position will engage attendees in a short survey regarding their event experience.

Ticket Booth. This is a cash-handling position. Ticket sellers will be responsible for selling event tickets to patrons. . 

Beer Tent/Pub/Céilidh Pour (must be 21+). This is a non-cash-handling position. Bartenders will collect drink tickets and dispense or pour requested drink. Additional mandatory training for this position is required.

Beer Tent/Pub/Céilidh Tickets & IDs (must be 21+). This is a cash-handling position. Patrons will buy tickets in order to purchase beverages at the pub and beer gardens. At these tables, IDs will be checked and 21+ bracelets will be distributed. Additional mandatory training for this position is required.

Bottled water, shade and chairs will be provided where available and needed. There is no uniform standard, but we ask that you dress respectfully and be prepared for warm weather. Sunscreen, hats and comfortable shoes are highly recommended.

We will have the athletic competitions themselves, a rugby match or two, food and craft vendors, highland dancing, bagpipe competitions, Scottish animals, and three bands ranging from Celtic classical to Irish punk. There is also a free céilidh (pronounced kaylee), to close out the evening, which will include a couple of the day's bands. A chicken and tri-tip dinner will be served for an additional fee. All volunteers are welcome to participate.

Questions? Ready to sign up? I'm reachable via email at or SIGN UP ONLINE.